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Compensa Concert Hall

Located right next to Vilnius city center, the Compensa Concert Hall is characterized by its luxury, unique style, and multifunctionality. It is a space designed to meet the growing needs of event organizers, using the latest state-of-the-art technology. The venue can accommodate both small and grandiose events, combining aesthetics, comfort, and technical capabilities.

Possibilities and exclusive features: This luxurious concert hall is the only one in Vilnius with 1,100 sqm of space dedicated specifically to filming and live broadcasting of television projects. This is almost double the size of other halls in Vilnius. The hall can fit more than 2000 seated spectators and 3000 standing audience members!

The huge area and the excellent technical readiness immediately opened up opportunities for TV project organizers, who have already booked the hall for half a year to host major broadcasts and filming events.

Lithuanian Artists’ Association

The Lithuanian Artists’ Association (LAA) is a voluntary creative organization uniting professional artists and art critics. LAA encourages and promotes the work of its members, protects their copyright, independently and together with state institutions and creative and public organizations runs and participates in the preparation of professional fine art projects and creative programs.

The LAA is a member of the International Art Association (IAA), the European Council of Artists (ECA), and the Lithuanian Association of Creators of Art.
LDS sudaro teritoriniai skyriai Kaune (akvarelės, grafikos, tapybos, skulptūros, scenografijos, keramikų sekcijos, odininkų, juvelyrų, metalistų sekcija, monumentalistų, stiklininkų, tekstilės ir dailėtyros sekcijos), Panevėžyje, Šiauliuose, Klaipėdoje, kūrybinės grafikos, akvarelės, tapybos, dailėtyros, monumentalios dailės, scenografijos, skulptūros, tekstilės, keramikų, metalo meno, tarpdisciplininio meno, odos meno, rūbų modeliuotojų, neasocijuotų narių sekcijos, ir kūrybinė grupė „Individualistai”.

LDS yra įkūrusi septynias dailės galerijas: „Arkos” galerija, „Šv. Jono galerija”, „Dailininkų sąjungos galerija”, galerija „Kairė-dešinė”, galerija „Meno parkas”, galerija „XX”, „Klaipėdos galerija”.
Taip pat kūrybinius padalinius: Všį „Dailininkų sąjungos leidykla „Artseria”, Všį „Skulptūros ir vitražo centras”, UAB „Vilniaus dailė”, Všį „Vilniaus grafikos meno centras”, Všį „Dailininkų namai”.
The governing bodies of LAA are the LAA Conference, which has all the rights of a general meeting of LAA members, and the Council.

Currently, the Lithuanian Artists’ Association has 1453 members.

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