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Irma Leščinskaitė’s Exhibition

Moments from Irma Leščinskaitė’s exhibition at the Compensa Concert Hall

Artist Irma Lešinskaitė can either paint a painting, or she can create a painting in space by combining already painted works and the environment. Painting becomes a never-ending montage and collage for the artist. All its fragments are equal: the canvas, the object, and the light reflected from them. Construction scaffolding, wheelbarrows, silicone and natural rubber, polyurethane, carpet, even buckets and their shape and color are complementary factors to the installations.


Painting or not painting – a challenge, an experiment, or...? There are as many different assessments as there are comments. Which one is the most correct? What is most relevant to the artist and most interesting to us? Some would probably look for the logic of the installation – what is it and what is it made of? Others would say – painting has become architecture, while yet others would prefer the autonomous formation of an art island in the space of the hall and the works that create the works.

Author of the text
Art critic Ignas Kazakevičius